Bit By Bit

Our Robots
This is a list and details of all of the robots that we have built so far.


(2011) This is our FIRST robot. The game in 2011 was called Logo Motion and consisted of hanging inner tubes on three different levels of pegs. There was also the option to build a mini bot to climb a pole and hit a trigger at the top. Although our arm did not work due to inspection issues, our mini bot scored us a fair amount of points.
drive train-tank
apendages-fork lift like arm
other-mini bot
area of expertise-defense and end of game

Stubby 2

Our second robot played in the 2012 game called Rebound Rumble. Robots could shoot foam basket balls into different levels of hops. There were 3 'bridges' that robots could balance on to score 10 points per robot on bridge. Our robot was very good at the bridge but our shooting was not our best area.

drive train-tank with omni wheels

apendages-window motor to lower bridge


area of expertise-bridge

2013 Robot

Our best robot yet, the 2013 robot (we have not decided a name yet) features a straight-line shooter, two pneumatic cylinders to lift our robot to the first bar of the pyramid, and a mecanum drive system. It is a little smaller than older robots as well.

drive train-mecanum


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