Bit By Bit

Team History...

The 4-H club was founded in 2004 to focus on equine projects thus the name Bit-By-Bit. In 2010, the club members voted to change the club’s focus to technology projects. We started working with digital photography, film-making, computer programming and Lego Mindstorms Robotics. In 2011 the club stumbled upon FIRST robotics and began our journey with FRC. Coincidentally the name Bit-By-Bit transitioned well into the technology world.  

Current membership of the Bit-By-Bit 4-H group consists of youth, age 9 -18 who reside in Barry, Greene, Lawrence and Stone Counties. Several members are homeschooled and the rest of the members attend Monett and Verona schools.

We hold our regular meetings at the Marionville Library. Some of the robot designing, and the majority of the 2012 build season was spent there.

With some skill, a lot of learning, and a bit of luck, FRC Team 3784/Bit-By-Bit is succeeding in the awesome sport of robotics. In the 2011 season we were awarded with Highest Rookie Seed, Gracious Professionalism, and won the Greater Kansas City Regional with teams 525, 1730, and 1984. Together we went to the World Championship located in St. Louis, MO, USA. In the 2012 season, the team again won the Greater Kansas City Regional, this time with teams 16, and 1986. Once at World, the team won the 'Coopertition Award' in our division - Galileo. 

FIRST Robotics has opened up new avenues for our members to explore their interests and improve their knowledge while being shown by other more experienced teams what it means to be a "gracious professional".  Our team was lifted up by the support of our alliance teams as well as other very generous teams who shared their knowledge and skills with us during competitions.  For this we are thankful and encourages us to pay it forward to others.  

Bit By Bit at a glance.




Rookie Year-2011

Mascot-Little Bit

Team Colors-

Safety Green & Black





Rookie Year-2012

Mascot-Little Bit

Team Colors-

Safety Green


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